Monday, March 14, 2011

Take Me Home Tonight

I love movies and I'm stuck in 1980's! So, this was a match made in heaven! I made the trip to Cinemark on Montage Mountain immediatly after work on Saturday evening. I grabbed  a Starbucks iced coffee and stepped back 20+ years where I enjoyed a ton of laughs and a lot of fun! Topher Grace and Dan Fogler made a great comedic duo with Fogler playing the irresponsible troublemaker and Grace playing the naive best freind that goes along for the ride. While out at a party, they run into Grace's high school crush, played by the ever so beautiful Thersa Palmer. To almost no surprise, it ends up being the boy meets girl, boy loses girl and boy finds girl again storyline. Just like those classic 80's films we grew up on! T.M.H.T. captures the nostalgia not only through retrospective musical numbers, but with great filmaking and storytelling that was a throwback to the movies of that time. Well worth the trip to your nearest megaplex. Don't miss this one! Grade A

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