Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Final Destination 5


For the fifth time around, death is coming! This franchise brought fourth a new vision of terror to the horror/slasher genre when it debuted at the start of the new millennium. Instead of a super-powered monster chasing and killing teenagers, the spirit of death itself stalked those who thought they were fortunate enough to elude it after the main character would persuade them out of a catastrophic event they were warned about by a premonition. This concept worked very well starting in 2000 with an airplane explosion and even better when they increased the carnage with a highway accident in 2003's sequel. Unfortunately, as with almost any horror franchise, repetition took the shock value away and its next two sequels dulled the series.  Hence, I was reluctant to go see this film, but the previews made me want to give it a chance.

I must say that I was pleasantly surprised! Immediately, I was drawn in with the film's 3D animated opening. It felt very cinematic. Although the buildup is virtually the same, (this time the tragic accident involves an office bus trip that falls victim to a bridge collapse), the filmmakers succeeded simultaneously in restoring the dark edge of the franchise and giving it a fresh look. Tony Todd's reprisal of the coroner character gave the fans a nostalgic feel while the elaborate death scenes kept it true and traditional and the concept of taking someone else's life to preserve your own brought forth a new dimension. Overall, a sickeningly fun time at the movies! Although I really hope this is the last film as it would end the franchise on a high note, I have already heard a rumor that a sixth installment may be on its way. Nonetheless, Grade A for this film for restoring my interest in the slasher genre!

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